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You card fiberboard products won the

of engineering and decoration; appearance and color uniform, smooth surface, the direct use of building surface color can be uniform. 7, safe and sound Cement fiber board does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances, will not produce toxic smoke when burned. 8, the long life of cement fiber board to improve the product dry shrinkage wet up capacity and strength, acid and alkali, corrosion

resistance, will not be damp or insect and other damage, and the strength and hardness increased over time, to ensure that super Long service life. Has excellent weather resistance, anti-freeze-thaw, anti-sun, rain, acid fog good performance. 9, easy to process The board can be cut according to the actual situation, drilling, carving, drilling, painting, paste the tiles, plaster and other materials. 1, according to the

fiber to points At present, most of the domestic use of asbestos fibers play an enhanced role, this fiber cement board is called chrysotile fiber cement plate; the other is not asbestos fibers, With pulp, sawdust, glass fiber instead of asbestos fibers play an enhancing role are collectively referred to as non-asbestos fiber cement slab. 2, according to the density points low density 0.9-1.2g / cm3, medium density 1.2-

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