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Moisture on the wooden floor there is no problem

Maintenance of cork flooring easier than other wood flooring, the use of the process, it is best to avoid the sand into the room, with a few sand into, will not wear the floor. Because the sand is pressed into the elastic layer of the foot after it is brought in, when the foot leaves, it will be ejected again.

Of course, here to remind, should not be too dirty into too much sand, so there will still be mobile wear and tear, therefore, brought into the house of sand should be promptly removed, generally do not need to be equipped with vacuum cleaners, do not have to worry about humidity will warp, mildew, etc. phenomenon.

The use of three or five years after the wear of somewhere, you can use locally to make up, that is, re-add the coating at the local, the method is very simple, in the wear gently sandpaper, remove the dirt on the surface, and then Gently wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth, recoat the coating, or apply polyester film locally. For the surface of the cork flooring its maintenance with solid wood flooring, usually six months to play a floor wax on it. Cork flooring with a hard wearing layer on the surface is as easy to care for as a laminate floor.

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