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Moisture on the wooden floor there is no problem

Summer installation of the floor, such as temporary non-stay (more than a month), the need for regular open ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation, to avoid indoor humidity arching, tiles and other phenomena; can not be covered with plastic sheets or newspapers, so as not to Long time due to poor ventilation caused by the surface of the film sticky, tarnished; as in winter installation, window ventilation to avoid the floor due to long-term uninhabited floor shrinkage or cracking; such as putting a few pots of water in the room.

When laying solid wood floor, if not done moisture-proof treatment, bathroom and room floor did not make isolation, will affect the life of the floor. Was wet with water or with alkali, scrub soap, will destroy the brightness of paint. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close the doors and windows, keep indoor low humidity, if the outdoor humidity is less than indoor humidity, you can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity, encountered hot and humid weather, you can open air conditioning or electric fans.

Do not pay attention to pull the curtains in summer, the floor exposed to intense sunlight for a long time, or the rapid temperature rise in the room may lead to premature aging of the solid wood floor finish. Air conditioning temperature is too low, so that the temperature changes during the day and night too large, causing the floor expansion or contraction is too drastic, resulting in the floor deformation, cracking and so on.

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