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Good moisture proof wooden floor

Termites like the weather when the weather is hot in summer. According to experts, July and August each year are the breeding period of "home termites." However, in recent years, the termites' breeding period has been greatly advanced under the influence of climatic factors. Due to the wide range of activity of this termite, as long as the lights in the house, but also climb and fly into the house.

For the small number of termites that fly, residents can kill with pesticides without panic. Termite fly into the home survival rate is very low, the family environment is generally unable to match the termites, spawning, a few hours will die.
If a large number of termites are to be flown out from door seams, wooden floors, etc., citizens must be vigilant that termites have nests at home and should immediately dispose of them by ants. In addition, if the home is recently renovated, you can ask the specialized agencies to make some termites preventive treatment by spraying potions or organic materials.

In recent years, new residential wood flooring is also often invaded by termites. The reason is that now a large number of new home decoration timber, termites smell the wood flavor, it is easy to migrate from the original habitat. In addition, termites may fly from other nearby old buildings or street trees to rebuild their communities.

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