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Moisture-proof wood flooring moisture

If you want the floor to be able to better show the shiny side, then it is necessary to choose a good floor spirits. At present, all the oleoresins used in the wood floors are the plant extracts, and the methods of plant extraction mainly include the distillation method and the oil-and-oil separation extraction method, and the base oils are still blended in the oleoresins, so the resulting oil Essence will still contain a certain proportion of water, so when using olein, do not use poorly ventilated and wet environment, otherwise it will easily lead to the floor becomes wet or produce other changes.

The floor must use the essence of oil, or can not produce the effect of the floor. The use of floor spirits can act like a protective layer on the floor, a light oil on the floor to make the floor shiny, yet waterproof and moisture-proof, Decontamination, antibacterial.

The method used is to first wipe the floor clean, and then the nozzle sprayed on the ground, with a slightly wet towel evenly smear floor on the oil fine, and then in the next period of time, simply wipe the floor with a dry cloth can. This is the best use of the sunny days.

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