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High fine air separator mill

High fine air separation and pulverization can process hundreds of materials, such as granite, shell, pebbles, etc., not more than 10%, mohs hardness is not greater than 7. What is the working principle of the high fine air separator, which is between 30 and 425?

First of all, the high fine air separator mill also USES the principle of airflow to work, the material enters the crushing chamber first, and then grinds under the action of the strike plate. For materials in high speed rotary blow blow plate, friction effect to a certain extent, in the boost of the wind of fine grinding material sent to the high air separation mill plug file room to grade, conform to the requirements of the material sent to the high fine winnowing mill fan room, waft of the rotor and the induced draft fan gravity make the material into the separator, the high fine winnowing mill separator sizing processing again, coarse material crushing chamber to smash again returned by the back feed nozzle, finished product by high fine winnowing mill fan into the derivation set powder bag packaging, afterwinds discharge by dusting powder wind.

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