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Dynamic temperature measurement error

The thermocouple is a first order test system with a time constant. When the measured temperature is changed, the thermocouple and its display instrument are unable to display the changed temperature immediately because of thermal inertia and mechanical inertia, and produce the error of dynamic temperature measurement, including the three stages of measuring the constant temperature stage, the isothermal heating stage and the automatic temperature control stage.

In order to reduce the dynamic temperature measurement error, the time constant of the thermocouple must be reduced. The industrial thermocouple is =30~60 seconds, so it can reflect the steady state temperature approximately after 2~5 minutes.

In order to reduce the value, the common methods are:

1 Selection of thermocouple materials with large thermal conductivity (small thermal resistance).

2 reduce the volume of thermocouple (small heat capacity).

3 increase the speed of the hot air.

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