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Whatever be the reason – religious , health, or individual preferences – the percentage of vegetarians in India is more than any other country. Approximately, 40% of the total population in India is vegetarian, while it is 6% in U.K and 4% in America. Most vegetarians consider eggs to be non-vegetarian and therefore, refrain from eating cakes since they are typically made of eggs. But don’t you think it isn’t fair that vegetarians have to stay away from the irresistible temptation of mouth watering cakes? Well not any more. Now you can buy eggless cakes, 100% vegetarian, adding to the delight and charm of any occasion.

However, before you buy eggless cakes , make sure that you look into certain important things to have the best treat in hand. It is believed that eggs are an inseparable part of cake menu, without which it wouldn’t have the flair or flavor that fascinates the taste buds so delightfully. People nowadays are aware of veg cakes but would refrain from buying one, thinking that it will be of poor taste and inferior quality since it isn’t made from eggs. However, this is completely a wrong notion. Cakes can be as tasty and beautiful without eggs as when they are prepared with eggs.

Hence, what is most important that you break away from your inhibitions and buy delicious and beautiful eggless cake for special occasions! Make sure that you choose only a reputable cake shop that provides a finest selection of 100% vegetarian cakes in the most reliable manner. Why this is important because vegetarians are very particular about their belief and prefer, and won’t love to compromise when it comes to eating non-vegetarian. Thus, whether you are buying eggless cakes for yourself or for someone else, make sure that it is 100% veg; otherwise , your loved ones would be most offended to have their religious belief or preference being bullied.

Besides choosing a reliable cake shop, it is important that you look for a green dot on the packet of the cake before you buy. Typically, cakes come with 2 icons – red and green. The red dot represents non-vegetarian, while green dot stands for veg cakes. So, no matter how much reliable the cake shop is, make sure that the packet has a green dot on it, which guarantees that it is 100% vegetarian. Unfortunately, people are often fooled here , delivering non-veg cakes in the packet of eggless. Hence, it is important to choose only a popular and reliable cake shop when you buy.

Another important factor to consider here is the quality and taste of the cake. If possible, taste a slice of the cake yourself to be assured of its deliciousness and quality. Otherwise, you can simply inquire the cake shop regarding what ingredient they use in place of eggs to give the cake similar properties and taste as that of non-vegetarian cakes. In addition to this, make sure that all the ingredients used in the cake are 100% vegetarian, so that you can have complete peace of mind. These important tips will help you buy eggless cakes in the most hassle-free and reliable manner.

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