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according to the appropriate proportion

according to the appropriate proportion, jointly made from. Gypsum slag cement, lime slag cement, lime, volcanic ash cement in general. This type of cement is generally marked lower, but the production process is simple, raw materials can be drawn locally, is the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste, with a certain economic value.A fine grinding material, adding an appropriate amount of water, into a plastic slurry, both in the air hardening, but also in the water hardening, and sand, stone and other materials can be firmly bonded together hydraulic

cementitious material. There are many types of cement, which can be divided into general purpose (ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, etc.) And special purpose cement (Quick hard cement, dams cement, expansive cement, oil well cement etc. Can also be divided into components of Portland cement, aluminate cement, sulphoaluminate cement. Made of cement mortar or concrete, durable, is an important building materials and engineering materials. Widely used in construction, water conservancy, roads, national defense projects.The broken pieces of

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