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Zen art copper stove

"Zhu Bingren copper stove" is a model of contemporary copper stove modeling, the traditional manual mining traditional beauty and connotation. Each one implies a humanistic concept, each one will show the classic temperament of copper metal, each elegant taste without losing the show. And full of Zen charm. Zhu Bingren bronze Zen furnace works not only rich in style, but also a variety of beautifully decorated with Dongchuan refined copper as raw material, mixed with gold, silver and other metals, the use of Zhu Fu hundred years of copper art to create. Smooth body lines, exquisite workmanship, small and beautiful. Each one has a unique surface texture, are pure hand
Zhu Bingren Ren furnace
Zhu Bingren Ren furnace
Charcoal ash grinding, no pores, sand. Incense burner color soft, smooth, delicate texture, dense, feel lubrication, surface pulp density, the longer the more mellow, more dazzling color. Zhu Bingren bronze Zen zen furnace, is Zhu Bingren original contemporary shape.
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