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What is the finish wood flooring?

If in a very short period of time found in time the phenomenon of water, high-power vacuum cleaners can be sucked out. However, if a large area of ​​water will have to pry all the floor, according to the second program for drying. At the same time if the indoor humidity is large, if the conditions can be installed indoors dehumidifier, indoor moisture can be drained in a short time, but this operation plan must have floor drying identification technology.

In a timely manner to find a small area of ​​water, the ground can be cleaned, the board prized, the wet floor dry and re-installed; if the amount of water slightly larger, not only pry leaking board, but also along Keel arrangement of the opposite direction will also pry the board, so that the internal circulation of air to take moisture. If you can not determine the size of the amount of water, it is best to follow the direction of the water pry the board, check the wet conditions, be foolproof.

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